The primary business entity or retailer is represented by the organization resource type.

Below is an Organization example:

  • Herb Garden Collective

API Requests

The request type and route available for this resource as well as details on how to structure your requests are below. See API Reference - Organization for examples on how the requests might look in various languages and to test the requests in the browser.

GET/catalog/v1/organizations/:idRequest the information for and displays a particular organization (see Note 1 below)


Note 1

If you do not know your organization_id but know the catalog_id, you can send a request to /catalog/v1/catalogs/CATALOG_ID?scope_by[catalog_id]=CATALOG_ID which will return the details of the Catalog as well as its associated Organization.

GET Show

To fetch an organization, send a request to


scope_by[organization_id] string
Required. Organization UUID.

organization_id string
Required. Organization UUID you want to fetch.