A tag is a word or phrase used to categorize or describe a Product. There are two types of tags: Category and Discovery.

  • Category tags — Classify Products based on their form (infused preroll, nug run shatter, cookies). Category tags are denoted by the attribute is_category: true.
  • Discovery tags — Describe all other characteristics of a Product (sweet, uplifting, sativa-dominant). Discovery tags are denoted by the attribute is_category: false.

For a complete breakdown of Category tags and Discovery tags, see Taxonomy Overview.

To associate a tag to a Product, see Product Tag.

API Requests

The request types and routes available for this resource as well as details on how to structure your requests are below. See API Reference - Tag for examples on how the requests might look in various languages and to test the requests in the browser.

GET/catalogs/v1/tagsRequest the information for all tags
GET/catalogs/v1/tags/:idRequest the information for a particular tag

GET Index

To fetch all Tags, send a request to
/catalog/v1/tags?scope_by[organization_id]=ORGANIZATION_ID. By default, we only return the first 10 results from the request. You can adjust the number of returned results with page[size], or adjust the returned page with page[page].


scope_by[organization_id] string
Required. Organization UUID.

page[size] int32
Optional. Number of elements per page.

page[page] int32
Optional. Number of the page.

filter[name] string
Optional. Filters by Tag name.

filter[is_category] string
Optional. Filters by whether a Tag is a Category Tag or not. Set to true to return only Category Tags or false to return only Discovery Tags.

GET Show

To fetch a Tag, send a request to


scope_by[organization_id] string
Required. Organization UUID.

batch_id string
Required. Tag UUID you want to fetch.