Version Deprecation: 2023-07 (v1)

With the stable release of the 2024-01 version, our 2023-07 (v1) APIs are officially deprecated. We will continue to support them until July 2025, with only critical bug fixes being addressed.


Version Release: 2024-01

Menu API 2024-01 is now stable and ready for production usage! This version has a few major changes compared to 2023-07 (v1). We did our best to outline the upgrade process in our guides, but these are the top three to call out:


Menu Size Limits

Weedmaps has introduced a 10,000-item maximum to menus. Both published and unpublished items contribute to this maximum. This has been done to help reduce the clutter our retailers need to navigate through when managing their menus, as well as protect our systems from unintentional mass creates.


Versioning Policy Change