Menu Size Limits

Weedmaps has introduced a 10,000-item maximum to menus. Both published and unpublished items contribute to this maximum. This has been done to help reduce the clutter our retailers need to navigate through when managing their menus, as well as protect our systems from unintentional mass creates.


Less than 0.03% of menus are at or beyond the 10k limit

Chances are this change does not affect what you're doing today. But it's good to be aware of in case you run into menu maximums in the future. Weedmaps has also directly worked with retailers to address menus that were above these limits.

The Menu API will now return a 422 error when trying to create a menu item beyond this limit. Updates and deletes to items are not affected by this change and can still be modified.

One way to help ensure menu sizes stay down is to provide an external_id when creating items. This unique identifier to a menu helps ensure duplicate data isn't sent over.

To see how many items are currently on a menu, you can use the menus endpoint and provide the menu ID as the filter[term] value.