Versioning Policy Change


We're excited to announce a rather large change to how we do APIs at Weedmaps. We've officially moved to a date-based versioning policy, which means we'll be releasing a new version of our APIs every six months. This allows us to introduce industry-leading experiences, all while maintaining backward compatibility.

Legacy Support

We will continue to support older versions of our publicly documented APIs for a minimum of 2 years from the official release date. Once that date has been reached, we may remove the version at any time.

Our current v1 APIs have been aliased to 2023-07, which marks the official start of this new policy. You may continue making requests to v1 or switch over to 2023-07. They both use the exact same endpoints. This version is then subject to removal in July 2025.

Version Locking

API versions will be locked to changes upon official release with the exception of bug fixes.

If you're unsure if the version you're using is locked, please compare the version's date stamp with the current date. If it's the current month or in the past, it's locked to changes. Updates will then be available in the next version of the API.

Next Version

We’ll begin work on the next version of our APIs as soon as each version becomes locked. As of today, that means new endpoints will be made available under the 2024-01 version and continue to receive changes until the end of the year.


Changes we’ve made to our endpoints haven’t historically been transparent. That’s changing. Every change we introduce, be it a new feature, performance improvement, or a bug fix will have a changelog record associated with it. You can even subscribe to our changelog directly in Slack!

To learn more, please check out our API versioning guide. And make sure to keep an eye on our changelog for any new endpoints and features available for use.

Happy coding!
Weedmaps Engineering