Updating An Order

Adjustments are common practice when processing customer orders. Availability, discounts, and tax corrections are a few reasons as to why adjustments occur.

In the event of a DRAFT, respond with an HTTP status code of 200 and the Order object in the body after all adjustments have been made.

Based on the Order object in the response, Weedmaps presents the following to the customer/patient:

  • Discounts, Totals, and Taxes will be displayed to reflect the values in the response.
  • Line Items marked with a quantity of zero will be identified as "unavailable" and require the customer/patient to remove these items before the order can be submitted.

After the order has been finalized and submitted for fulfillment in the POS system, updates to the order must conform to the Order object structure and then be transmitted to the below HTTP endpoint.

API Reference - Update an Order



The Weedmaps Service Fee is enabled by default in the retail client's Weedmaps account. When enabled, the Weedmaps Service Fee is shared with the integrated POS platform in the Draft event.

Status Updates

When a customer/patient places an order on Weedmaps, they are provided status updates about their order via text message.

Though order status updates aren't required, they enhance the customer experience, and help build confidence and trust with the retailer. Weedmaps encourages retailers to keep its customers informed with order status updates.

Additionally, Weedmaps promotes retailers that go the extra mile to provide customers/patients with great customer service by awarding them with a Best of Weedmaps badge. Providing accurate order statuses helps retailers receive added visibility on Weedmaps.

Available Statuses for Orders

Below is a partial screenshot of a retailer page on Weedmaps with a "Best of Weedmaps" distinction.