Weedmaps is continuously looking for ways to refine our APIs. Our goal is to make working with each API version as seamless and predictable as possible.

To keep up to date with any additions, fixes, improvements, deprecations, and removals we may institute, please follow our changelog.

Release Schedule

Consumers of our public REST APIs can expect two versioned releases each year. These releases will go out in January and July respectively.


Once released, each stable version will be locked to changes with the exception of bug fixes.

Weedmaps will support each release for a minimum of two years. Once that point is reached, we can remove that version without notice. Each of our stable versions will then have a minimum of 18 months of overlap with the next version to allow for upgrades.

Example Schedule

Stable VersionRelease DateSupported Until
2023-07July 1, 2023July 1, 2025
2024-01January 1, 2024January 1, 2026
2024-07July 1, 2024July 1, 202


We strongly recommend upgrading API usage to the latest version on each release. Weedmaps releasing a new version does not necessarily mean we introduced breaking changes. We may have not changed an endpoint at all and you can use the new endpoint with no code change. The newer version, however, could have breaking changes that are worth verifying against.


Desktop & Mobile Apps

Please be aware any desktop and mobile apps directly hitting Weedmaps endpoints will need to be updated well before the deprecation date to help ensure full adoption before the release goes away. Clients may otherwise experience undesired side effects of hitting our fall back API version.

Release Candidates

Work on newer API versions may begin as soon as the latest stable release is published. These endpoints will remain publicly documented and available for use. They may, however, still introduce breaking changes until the stable release is published at the end of the 6-month RC process.


Proceed With Caution

Please use these unreleased endpoints with caution. They can change at any time.

Removal of Undocumented Endpoints

Weedmaps may remove undocumented endpoints at any point without warning. Usage of these endpoints comes with great risk and should be avoided. If there's functionality you wish existing within our APIs, please reach out to your integrations contact to submit a feature request.

What’s Next