When Menu API originally launched, a listing could only have one menu. Since then, we've made several changes to allow listings to link to any number of menus underneath their organization. So what does that mean in regards to the WMID you've been provided by our mutual customers?

When migrating to this new flow, we used the same WMID value as the ID of the associated menu. So you've been managing a menu ID all along!


Menu ID != WMID

Since the switch to support multiple menus, menu IDs may no longer match the WMID for that listing. In fact, you're better off thinking of everything as a menu ID from this point forward. There is no endpoint in the 2024-01 API version that uses a WMID value.

As stated above, listings can switch their menu to any number of menus supported by their organization. Chances are you've already run into situations where the menu ID provided does not match the WMID for that listing. But at the end of the day, your integration is with the menu and not the listing.

Determining Access:

The following request will return a 200 with the menu if proper access has been granted to the ID provided by our mutual customer. Whereas a 404 (not found) means that menu either does not exist or you haven't been access to manage it.

curl \
  --url 'https://api-g.weedmaps.com/wm/2024-01/partners/menus/<MENU_ID>' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer <JWT_TOKEN>'


Only Active Integrations Can Receive Updates

A retailer at any point may pause your integration on Weedmaps. When that happens, you will not be allowed to create, update, or delete any items on that menu and receive a 423 status code. You can, however, still read items.