Error Handling

There are times when the happy path turns into a sad one. It's up to you, the integrator, to account for both of those use cases. Weedmaps may, for example, return a 422 (unprocessable entity) error when creating or updating a menu item if the name or image contains content that violates our terms and conditions.


Rate Limits

Weedmaps does have rate limiting in place for all requests that come into our public gateway. Please refer to our Rate Limitingguides for more info on how that occurs.

While we at Weedmaps strive for maximum uptime, there are times when we could go down. When that happens, you'll receive a 5xx error. We treat these events as 911s, so please reach out to us ASAP if you're noticing an increase in server errors and we'll address it as soon as we possibly can.