Rate Limits

The rate limit for Weedmaps APIs is 2,500 requests per minute per integrator. These limits are enforced at 420 requests per 10 seconds across all endpoints.


Access Token Endpoint

Our auth token endpoint /auth/token has a separate rate limit of 1 request per minute. Your access token is good for 14 days upon request and remains valid as new menus integrate with you. You will receive the same access token back until 50% of the expiration has elapsed. It's then in your best interest to limit this call to once every 8 to 14 days. Hitting this endpoint does count against your overall limit.

In order to provide the best performance possible, Weedmaps continuously monitors the rate of requests on its servers. If the current rate limit creates issues for your integration, please contact us.

If you're receiving a 429 Too Many Requests response, you may need to check any automated processes and adjust as necessary.