Getting Started

Getting Started

Our documentation is split up into two parts: Guides and API Reference. Links for both can be found in the navigation at the top of every page. Guides, the section you are currently on, provides in-depth detail about our API, its various endpoints, and how to use them. The API Reference section allows you to see how a call to a particular endpoint might look in various languages. You can even test it out right in the browser.

Understanding the Documentation

Throughout the documentation, you will see URL examples such as /orders/v1/merchants/{merchantId}/orders/{orderId}. This is the endpoint to update an order. The URL breaks down like this:

  • /orders/v1 — This is a shortened version of the base URL,, which is needed for every call made.


Weedmaps uses OAuth 2.0 as the primary authorization mechanism. For more information about OAuth 2.0, refer to

Before you're able to integrate with the Orders API, you must request an access token. This access token must be submitted with all requests. Weedmaps' Network Partner APIs can only be accessed via HTTPS, regardless of environment.