Receiving Updates


You may wish to receive updates about changes being made to publicly documented endpoints. These changes will be posted to our public changelog for external consumption.

RSS Feed

Our changelog allows for RSS subscriptions. If you're using Slack, this means you receive these notifications directly in a Slack channel by using the /feed command and providing it as the first argument.

Adding RSS feed to slack from /feed command


You may also request to be on our integrator email list, which only includes major announcements. Please reach out to your integrations contact or send an email to [email protected] to enroll.

Changelog Statuses

There are a number of statuses a changelog item may have when posted. We've listed each of these statuses below with examples of what may use that given status.

  • Added
    • New version released
    • New feature or functionality
  • Fixed
    • Bug in the API was resolved
  • Improved
    • Added filters to an existing endpoint
    • Endpoint became faster / more performant
    • Attribute more accurately calculated
  • Deprecated
    • New version released (deprecation of “current” version)
    • Hint a current endpoint will be changed in the next release
  • Removed
    • API version was removed due to expiration

What’s Next