Weedmaps Developer APIs

Weedmaps Developer APIs

Weedmaps provides its integration partners with a variety of solutions tailored to the many different facets of the complex cannabis industry. The way your services interact with Weedmaps should reflect the type of problems your business needs to solve. The solutions described here are designed to work together, while still functioning independently. To help you determine which of our solutions best fits your specific needs, described below are some of the notable features as well as limitations of our APIs.

Obtaining Credentials

It goes without saying that you cannot do anything with the Weedmaps APIs until you've received a unique set of credentials. In order to get those, you must first apply to be an integrator and sign some paperwork. Please email [email protected] with the following information to get started:

Inquiries are typically responded to the following business day

Terms and Conditions

Available APIs

Menu API

The Weedmaps “Menu” API provides all of the essential features required to get products managed in your point-of-sale to Weedmaps. These endpoints let you manage menus, search our brand catalog, and adjust pricing and availability in real time. This provides your customers the most up to date information, and enables further integrations with online ordering.


  • Publish and unpublish products on Weedmaps directly from your point-of-sale
  • Edit pricing and availability in real time (Live Menu Integration)
  • Leverage Weedmaps’ Brand Catalog to import product information directly into your point-of-sale from a database of Weedmaps Verified Brands
  • “Live Menu” badging on listings managed by the Menu API

Common Use Cases

  • Sync products from your system into Weedmaps menus
  • Unpublish or republish menu items when they go out of stock in your system
  • Adjust prices in your point-of-sale to propagate to Weedmaps menus
  • Offer your retail clients Weedmaps online orders and are not already Catalog API-integrated
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Orders API

Weedmaps Online Orders API provides an integrated partner with the tools to receive orders on any of their synced menu items directly into their point-of-sale. You are able to pass identifiers from your system along with menu items, so you will be able to build advanced flows in your point-of-sale for automatic product matching to reduce data entry and optimize for high fulfillment rates.


  • Provide us with a postback URL and we will send orders directly to your point-of-sale
  • Update order statuses in real time, and we’ll inform your customers of any changes via email and/or text message
  • Orders can flow directly into the WM Logistics dashboard or any fully integrated last-mile delivery service

Common Use Cases

  • Operators wanting to receive online orders from Weedmaps
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